Med Bike Rally 2017

Tres excitantes rutas.
  • RUTA - A
  • Ruta Larga Mountain Bike
  • $35
  • Para ciclistas de alto rendimiento Caminos y carreteras en bicicletas tipo “mountain bike”.
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  • RUTA - B
  • Ruta Larga Road Bike
  • $35
  • Para ciclistas de alto rendimiento. Carreteras en modalidad de bicicletas tipo “Road Bike” (calle).
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  • RUTA - C
  • Ruta Corta
  • $35
  • Para ciclistas en desarrollo. Carretera en dos modalidades: bicicletas tipo calle y “mountain bike”.
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The Continuous Quality Improvement Program of the CSPR outlines the processes and methods by which the organization assess its performance by the continuous evaluation of services and through analysis strives to continually improve its clinical performance. Performance Improvement activities are conducted in a systematic manner, include all clinical Departments of the organization and represent clinical staff from all disciplines.

Consejo de salud de Puerto Rico, Inc. (CSPR) seeks to fulfill its mission by providing quality healthcare and services. The CSPR is committed to being a healthcare organization that delivers high quality healthcare services that are patient focused and value based under a holistic approach. In order to ensure services meet those characteristics, all the employees will participate in ongoing and systematic quality improvement efforts. Our quality improvement efforts will focus on direct patient care delivery processes and support processes that promote optimal patient outcomes and effective business practices. This will be accomplished through peer review, clinical audits and variance analysis, performance appraisals and other appropriate quality improvement techniques, based on PDSA Model. Our Quality Improvement Plan (QIP) demonstrates Med Centro's commitment to improve the quality of care we deliver. The QIP outlines the goals and strategies for ensuring patient safety, delivering optimal care, and achieving high patient satisfaction.

The scope of the continuous Quality Improvement Department encompasses the entire organization and includes activities that monitor and evaluate all phases of the health care delivery system through objective, criteria-based audits, outcomes audits, tracking tools, and reporting system.

Department structure:
The Continuous Quality Improvement Department is constituted by the Medical Director (Internist Physician); CQID Director (MD, MPH, and DrPHc.); a Quality Clinical Auditor (RN), and a Quality Statistics Auditor (M.ed.). Also the following staff and committees offered support to the CQID Team: Institutional Quality Committee, Risk management Committee, Board of Directors, Senior Management Staff (CEO, CMO, and CFO), Department Directors and other clinical staff assist the team as deemed necessary. The CQID Team performed assessment under the supervision of the Medical Director; based on a systematic collection and evaluation of patient records, identified and document the necessary for change in the provision of services and submit results to Senior Managers, IQC and the corresponding Departments for the necessary corrective actions.