Med Bike Rally 2017

Tres excitantes rutas.
  • RUTA - A
  • Ruta Larga Mountain Bike
  • $35
  • Para ciclistas de alto rendimiento Caminos y carreteras en bicicletas tipo “mountain bike”.
  • Inscríbete
  • RUTA - B
  • Ruta Larga Road Bike
  • $35
  • Para ciclistas de alto rendimiento. Carreteras en modalidad de bicicletas tipo “Road Bike” (calle).
  • Inscríbete
  • RUTA - C
  • Ruta Corta
  • $35
  • Para ciclistas en desarrollo. Carretera en dos modalidades: bicicletas tipo calle y “mountain bike”.
  • Inscríbete

This institution is committed to:

  • Dignity & Reverence – We safeguard these values by recognizing every life as a gift from God, so each individual is inherently valued and respected.
  • Trust – We encourage at all moment of honest and open communication with patients, among staff and within members of the board of directors.
  • Teamwork – We acknowledge the contribution of all and put forth the common interest before our own. We dignify the sacrifice for the benefit of the patient so as to enhance the health of the communities served. We work in cooperation with other organizations to protect vulnerable populations throughout the region.
  • Cooperation – We encourage it at all moments between patients and staff, as well as between the various clinical professions, specialties and administration.
  • Integrity – We persevere in honesty, fairness and self-scrutiny in everything we do, as the ideal means to protect our leading image as well as assure confidentiality and privacy.
  • Heritage – We acknowledge and are inspired by the example of those who dared to strive in search for new ambitious frontiers in patient care, for which reason we commit our out most effort to move forth one step further and honor their endeavor.
  • Safety – We put into effect it by doing no harm to any person or property under our care. Safety is the absolute highest priority at our institution
  • Competence – We insist in being highly skilled and experts at what we do.
  • Courtesy – We are committed to treat others in the same upbeat, respectful, and professional way we want to be treated ourselves.
  • Efficiency – We make the most of the institution’s resources by offering relevant services, correctly charging for them, not wasting supplies and performing in a timely manner.
  • Excellence – We strive to go beyond expectations